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Digital art

Digital art and graphics is the art form I master best and is a technique which gives me the all potentials I seek. Digital technology allows me to work with artwork in an abstract and expressive way, with a lot of color without any mess or smells. Digital art is simply the perfect technique (for me)!

The finished pictures are usually exposed on photo paper with as good durability as in traditional photos.

A selection of pieces

Most of these pieces have been on exhibition in Sweden at least once. But they are still waiting for someone to take them home to hang them on a wall.

skönheten och odjuret
på väg, 55x40cm
tyngdlöshet, 40x55cm
kubism 2, 40x55cm
kubism, 40x55cm
konstruktion, 40x55cm
djungel, 40x55cm
natten, 55x40 cm
skogsglänta, 55x40 cm
stjärna, 40x55cm
utbrytning, 55x40cm

A selection of sold pieces

These works have sought out other owners and thrive very well there, but their digital imprints still live here in a smaller resolution. Their owners know that they are looking at an original, they are completely unique, this is just a copy of them to be presented here.

abstrakt landskap 4
värmen i kylan
tistel, 40x55cm
det strålar
i vitögat
fragment 2
mitt i naturen
guds hand, 40x55cm
resenären, 40x55cm
lumen, 55x40cm
havsbotten, 55x40cm
kopparklocka, 55x40cm
celldelning, 55x40cm
hav, 45x45cm
Ikaros, 70x100cm
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