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the Journey of Boxie

the Journey of Boxie

The Journey of Boxie is a retro inspired platformer game under development. Similar to old 8 bit computers and game consoles it has low resolution and a limited colour palette. No release date is set yet, I am the sole developer and game development takes time.

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Looks and feels like videogames games did way back in the 80's or early 90's. Like it could run on my NES or Commodore 64. What gives? Seventies Lad

Has absolutely nothing I haven't seen in a platformer before. All you can do is to run, jump around and collect things. Besserwisser 98

Too hard!
Why do I only have three lives before I have to start over? Aida Bugg

I know this game. Something with an italian plumber or something? It's qute! My dad use to play it in his cellar dungeon when he wants some alone time. Bess Twishes

Too easy!
Why all the extra lives scattered around the levels? Retro Gamer 42

Where are all the million colours and high resolution graphics? And the music, it sounds nothing like what I hear on the radio. I want Avicii or Swedish House Mafia. And why no DLC, ads, chat, notifications and online multiplayer like every other mobile games and Fortnite have? I need more information and all kinds of sensory input!
Wait, I'm tired... Zero Zero Kid

What do you mean? No, these testimonials are not at all made up by me, the developer ;)


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This is only a demo

At the time of writing, the Journey of Boxie has only reached a demo status. The demo is playable and enjoyable as is, but things might change up until the final release. Feel free to contact me if you find any bugs.

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